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When you first connect to an SSH server, your SSH client should (read, "If your SSH client does not, get a new SSH client") ask you to verify the RSA Key Fingerprint of the server. This is a way to verify that the public key that the server is sending you is the public key associated with that server. In other words, the server you are connecting to is the server you think that you are connecting to. Below are the current RSA Key Fingerprints for the TICC servers.

TICC2 (RSA) fe:f6:0f:9e:2a:db:af:a2:08:bf:10:b6:34:4f:b3:53

TICC2 (RSA1) a6:e6:7b:ab:e8:e1:d2:2f:e2:8b:b5:93:53:30:84:90

TICC2 (DSA) 6a:28:bd:17:68:04:c7:94:44:12:f1:ef:38:df:27:80

TICC1 (RSA) e2:27:ca:90:6d:bb:9e:b2:bd:e0:55:a5:a3:1e:a4:98

TICC1 (RSA1) 3a:68:63:0c:40:3a:1f:37:1f:00:24:c7:30:eb:d5:d5

TICC1 (DSA) 1e:27:2d:72:c2:2d:64:aa:7d:0c:ed:30:d9:ac:2b:a3

oldticc: 89:f9:5c:80:53:4d:60:c6:ab:64:73:21:9f:37:2b:c5

To get these, run the

ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.pub

Make sure that you only trust the output of this command if you are running it from the server itself, or if you have independently verified that the connection you are using is safe. It always bears repeating, never enter your password unless you know that the connection you are using is secure.

ILOM SHA-1 Certificate Keys

TICC-2 0B:50:D1:10:7E:D5;8C:61:F2:6F:BA:EA:7F:54:38:25:E0:DC:BF:77

TICC1LOM 2F:45:4C:35:A7:8D:CE:0B:50:B9:2A:B3:FA:C8:1F:40:88:04:93:7E

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