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This project is primarily focused on maintaining InkSurvey, with an additional focus on ensuring that all of our web based services are available and tuned for high performance and ease of use.

Hackathon Projects

Project Milestones

InkSurvey Milestones

Deadline Task Status
August 22, 2011 Survey listing redesign: The default page /survey.php needs to be redesigned to provide an easy way to locate surveys, prioritizing a small number of clicks and low scrolling requirements. Completed
Create User interface redesign: This is the first important change from InkSurvey 1.0 to InkSurvey 1.5. This will be the second alpha test of the new data access classes that will be the only method of data access in InkSurvey 2.0. This will also enable automatic updating of the survey listing, as all of the information required is gathered on the new create user page. Completed
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