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This project is run by Zachary Boerner (Zboerner), so if you have any questions, direct them his way.

Project Milestones:

Deadline Tasks Status
Bring TICC2 online Completed
February 2012 MySQL database replication Uncompleted

TICC Server Roadmap

  1. Clonezilla on CentOS
  2. Grab TICC1 Snapshot (Full disk, store on oldticc)
  3. Set up AdLab Cluster?
  4. Backups. Engage.
  5. .......Loading.......
  6. Rebuild TICC1
  7. Check sync and backups
  8. Cluster AdLab machines for Physics/Fun!
  9. ???
  10. Profit!

Various ToDO:

  • Configure git Repos
  • Verify that TICC2 is doing everything that TICC1 is
  • Services running on TICC1 that we forgot
  • Move databases over
  • Ethernet connections and iLoM
  • Verify the security settings for everything
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